Welcome to Zima Enterprise

Zima Enterprise is a one stop company where we provide special services like Taxidermy, Diorama making, doing scale models, replica of museums artifacts and conservation of selected artifacts and moulding & casting.


Registered with the finance ministry, and we have been in the field of taxidermy since it was founded in 1989. There have been many projects we have completed, and in good standing with the government, museum, private companies, educational institutions, both public and private sectors and individuals who are interested in taxidermy


We are the only one company in Malaysia having Taxidermy services, to plan, prepare and modify the museum exhibits, building dioramas, making duplicate of artifacts, also conduct taxidermy courses to individual or group.

Founded by Haji Bakar @ Abdullah  Abu Hassan in 1989 after he had retired from National Museum of Malaysia. He holds a Diploma in Taxidermy from Nebraska Taxidermy School, USA. In 1980, he had undergone training at British Museum and Royal Scottish Museum.


For more information, please drop us an e-mail at info@zimaenterprise.com